“You are the one”


Sometimes we rush from one relationship to another just because we are scared of being alone.We are obsessed with the idea of being with someone special. Just because we are single doesn’t mean that we are lonely.This is what most of us fail to understand.When your heart is hurt,give it some time to heal it.We always wait for “the one” to come and fix our broken heart.It is our heart ,no one knows what it wants better than us.If you don’t give yourself some time to fix it,then do you seriously think that the next relationship built on the broken foundation can actually bear the burden of this pain?? Continuously failed relationships will only make you doubt yourself.You will eventually let yourself down.The broken heart will always fall for even a bit of attention.But i say these temporary attention is nothing but has the same effects as painkillers.It doesn’t actually heal it just prevents you from feeling the pain.You need to feel the pain to understands how much it kills you so that you would definitely know what you do want to go through the next time.Your heart completely belongs to you,” you are the one “ who needs to fix it.Take your time,heal,fix yourself.It is better to be late and ready than rush and fall.

Your Knight in shining Armour or Cinderella will eventually come.

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