When I raised an eyebrow at you,
being caught stealing glances at me,
I should have know that a disaster was raised as well.
Our paths were different,
My journey was fixed elsewhere,
Yet I turned back unintentionally,
Giving Sign that could take us no where,
You were just nobody to me,
Yet that didn’t stop me from walking towards you.
Everything was up to me,
You were just a victim with a kind heart and feelings,
Unaware of the destination,
I walked along with you,
You walked along with me,
Under the bright sky,
Under the night sky
Glowing under the golden street light,
With the smiles as bright as the stars
Twinkling and sparkling all the way long,
We walked with chills along,
Sitting on wooden benches,
Sipping our warm tea,
While being kissed by the cold breeze,
Giggling, teasing, playing,
We are walking,
Neither of were tired,
We were unstoppable,
We both tried changing paths,
Yet met somewhere together,
Again and again,
Every path led to our memory lane,

We chose to walk together,
Yet unaware of the destination,
Our paths are different.
Our stories are written in every corner of the street.
Holding our memories.
The street light knows better.
It saw our laughs,
It heard our talks,
All of this was magical and addictive,
All these walks,
Is it worth?
Why are we walking together?
Should either of us stop walking?
Where are we going to end up?

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  1. Some walks don’t have a destination, the journey is itself a destination for them. Amazing write-up I must say. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Maanya says:

      Thank you soo much.Will keep writing as long as there are people to read.☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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