From dusk till dawn

After he put me to sleep over the call, it was my turn to wake him up the next day. though he woke up 12 pm everyday he made sure that i ate my breakfast on time. there we ate our lunch together over his sleepy face time with his puppy eyes sparking so bright….

Capable of loving

Love doesn’t come to us in wrong time or right time.Love comes to us,when we are capable of loving someone truely,when we deserve it.we misunderstand that love gives us painbut,it has its own beauty.This is the only pain thats worth suffering lasts forever,even after years,you will still remember them in the same way like…


Am standing on the shore of life, The waves of doubts are pulling me into the ocean of my mind. I don’t know to swim, and I also cannot afford to drown either, What do i do now?


You have to deal with noise,to know how quiet feel likes.

Distraction #2

Sometimes its good to get distracted,because only then you get the clarity of what is right and wrong.


Distraction is no less damaging than an accident.


If you feel that am slipping off your hands. Dont tighten the Grip, It will only cage me, and no bird wants to stay inside.


After this frozen winter,Spring finally arrived beautifully,Sooner did i notice that, each bloom had your fragrance.Seasons passed,your memories stayed.

Perfect Moon

Despite the beauty of full moon,one can’t stop themselves from admiring the twinkling stars.

Way out

I chose a road which i thought would lead me away from you,yet am unknowingly in search of youunknowingly hoping it would lead me to you.All the destinations away from you seems a dead end.A place where i can’t find my way out.

Hey guys. Am out here to share a small ..umm….what i may call it as a little advice as well my experience.I just graduated.Basically i could not find a job and am on a long vacation until i find one.I spent my first initial days doing nothing and am still not doing anything productive.And i…


Even the clouds know when to hold on and let go.


Distance is not always in terms of kilometers. It could be sitting right next to us.

Ups and downs

When one flower falls off, the other blooms beautifully. So are happiness and sadness in life. This is growth.