Our story was like that as of waves and the sea shore, I was the shore that stood in a same place waiting, while you would just come and go. waves never stay you know.

Letter to my ex.

Our story was a complicated puzzle. I left in a hurry, gathering all the pieces I could, I sat in the corner, trying to fix it, somewhere in the bottom of my heart I knew that I wouldn’t be pleased with the solved puzzle I believed what I wanted to believe and not the reality….


After this frozen winter,Spring finally arrived beautifully,Sooner did i notice that, each bloom had your fragrance.Seasons passed,your memories stayed.

Move on

NEVER ever cry or think its your fault when someone leaves you. It shows that they never loved you. You are too valuable that god decided you should be on safer hands. You might just be a peice of glass to them, NEVER forget there is someone waitin to turn that peice of glass into…