Our story was like that as of waves and the sea shore, I was the shore that stood in a same place waiting, while you would just come and go. waves never stay you know.

“You are the one”

Sometimes we rush from one relationship to another just because we are scared of being alone.We are obsessed with the idea of being with someone special. Just because we are single doesn’t mean that we are lonely.This is what most of us fail to understand.When your heart is hurt,give it some time to heal it.We…

Distraction #2

Sometimes its good to get distracted,because only then you get the clarity of what is right and wrong.

Perfect Moon

Despite the beauty of full moon,one can’t stop themselves from admiring the twinkling stars.


Even the clouds know when to hold on and let go.


Distance is not always in terms of kilometers. It could be sitting right next to us.

Ups and downs

When one flower falls off, the other blooms beautifully. So are happiness and sadness in life. This is growth.


The same love which drizzled to sprout feelings out of me, is pouring heavily in verge of washing it away.

Letting it go

It doesn’t mean that you are weak, when you let go of things. Only the strongest ones are capable of doing it.


Your Anger flickers, but mine burns for long


Your Anger left, but those hurtful words promised to stay.

Escape 1

I just wanted to escape, I started running, so far, but now am lost. Face your issues by being there, rather than running away and losing yourself.


It didn’t take long for tears to roll over her blush.

Your heart

My intention was to steal it instead i ended up breaking it.