Dying plant

I felt sad when the bud didn’t bloom as the plant was dying, but later i realised that i never thought about watering them or nurture them.I saw it dying and did nothing.This broke me.


Motivate yourself to hinder the growth of depression.


We cannot see stars all the time due natural causes. But they are there. There is goodness in evryone. Its the situation that makes you bad. but sooner or later each one of you will sparkle.


Truth is always bitter. That bitterness might spread sweetness in your life.

Freezing chills

Freezing chills awoke warm memories in my heartđź’™

Let go

Each time i move a step forward, every step drags me to the past. there is something so strong about you that doesn’t let me go the memories are holding me so tight, am struggling to break free but i loose, i fall hard ,harder than before am either taking the wrong path ahead or…

16 December 2014-Peshawar attack

    It wasn’t like any other winter morning, It was a sunny morning. Sun rays playing hide and seek through the branches, Birds chirping happily, Beautiful roses with tiny dew drops placed softly on them, Cushion of warm mosses and crackling dry leaves, I thought it was a magical day, but it wasn’t. As…

Move on

NEVER ever cry or think its your fault when someone leaves you. It shows that they never loved you. You are too valuable that god decided you should be on safer hands. You might just be a peice of glass to them, NEVER forget there is someone waitin to turn that peice of glass into…


When you cry,it doesnt mean that you are weak, it means that you are strong enough to show your tears.


When the winter set in her life, it was your fire like love that kept her warm and alive. But little did she know that the fire had to flicker out sooner or later


Relationships are like guitar. If you play it from heart, it gives you music. If you play it like a game, then the strings come off.


I stand there grasping to breath, as i see my life swirling into a storm. unable to stand, as my burden pulls me down. unable to listen, as my inner voice is nothing but a cacophony. unable to scream, as m deafened by my own silence. unable to cry, as my eyes are droughty. I…