16 December 2014-Peshawar attack

    It wasn’t like any other winter morning, It was a sunny morning. Sun rays playing hide and seek through the branches, Birds chirping happily, Beautiful roses with tiny dew drops placed softly on them, Cushion of warm mosses and crackling dry leaves, I thought it was a magical day, but it wasn’t. As…


Is he rapacious?? No not at all! he is a martyr. He sleeps there in the hoarse ground in solitude, Gazing at the stars, engulfed in thoughts. Wondering “will I ever see my family?” He awaits to be held by enraptured mother, A tear trickled down in pang, As memories invaded in his mind. BANG!!…


Am standing on the shore of life, The waves of doubts are pulling me into the ocean of my mind. I don’t know to swim, and I also cannot afford to drown either, What do i do now?


You have to deal with noise,to know how quiet feel likes.

Distraction #2

Sometimes its good to get distracted,because only then you get the clarity of what is right and wrong.


Distraction is no less damaging than an accident.


If you feel that am slipping off your hands. Dont tighten the Grip, It will only cage me, and no bird wants to stay inside.


After this frozen winter,Spring finally arrived beautifully,Sooner did i notice that, each bloom had your fragrance.Seasons passed,your memories stayed.