Even the pages could take no more

Pouring my heart out ,

i sat clutching a pen,

and a paper.

words fell,

tears trickled,

pages soaked,

ink spread.

My feelings weren’t words anymore.

they were blue smudges.

The pain was so unbearable,

even the pages could take no more.



Just like roots hold on to soil and branches spread wide,

hold on to one thing and explore the rest of them.

16 December 2014-Peshawar attack



It wasn’t like any other winter morning,

It was a sunny morning.

Sun rays playing hide and seek through the branches,

Birds chirping happily,

Beautiful roses with tiny dew drops placed softly on them,

Cushion of warm mosses and crackling dry leaves,

I thought it was a magical day, but it wasn’t.

As I was startled by shrieks and screams and gunshots,

Kids were no longer screaming with excitement nor surprise

But with fear, fear of being found.

I have always seen kids running away from the aimed water guns,

And not from the loaded riffle aiming to kill them.

Hide and seek is what they loved the most,

Little did they know that all they had to do now was hide,

Hide from getting killed.

Kids were no longer filling different colors into their drawings,

As all that remains is a splash of color red everywhere.

All I could see was,

Scattered books and torn pages with incomplete sentences,

pool of blood,

River of tears,

Kids grasping to breath,

All that she could whisper was “mom” and “dad”.

She will not be able to taste her mom’s kheer,

He will not be able to play with the toys bought by his father,

She will not be able to fight with her brother anymore,

He will not be able to listen to stories told by grandpa.

Those happy little angels were not kids anymore,

They were being called bodies now.





Your life might be droughted now with sadness ,confusions and discouragement.

Just wait,hapiness is going to drizzle and pour heavily until you get drenched with satisfaction.

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