Life is more like a waterfall. you somehow reach to the top, then you fall down hard, still you choose to move forward with all the obstacle on your way, as a river, and join the ocean, its not about rise or fall, its about what we learn from this journey from fall to rise…

Even the pages could take no more

i sat clutching a pen, Pouring my heart out , and a paper. words fell, tears trickled, pages soaked, ink spread. My feelings weren’t words anymore. they were blue smudges. The pain was so unbearable, even the pages could take no more.

16 December 2014-Peshawar attack

    It wasn’t like any other winter morning, It was a sunny morning. Sun rays playing hide and seek through the branches, Birds chirping happily, Beautiful roses with tiny dew drops placed softly on them, Cushion of warm mosses and crackling dry leaves, I thought it was a magical day, but it wasn’t. As…


Is he rapacious?? No not at all! he is a martyr. He sleeps there in the hoarse ground in solitude, Gazing at the stars, engulfed in thoughts. Wondering “will I ever see my family?” He awaits to be held by enraptured mother, A tear trickled down in pang, As memories invaded in his mind. BANG!!…


When the winter set in her life, it was your fire like love that kept her warm and alive. But little did she know that the fire had to flicker out sooner or later


I stand there grasping to breath, as i see my life swirling into a storm. unable to stand, as my burden pulls me down. unable to listen, as my inner voice is nothing but a cacophony. unable to scream, as m deafened by my own silence. unable to cry, as my eyes are droughty. I…

Saturation Point

Our entire life struggles are to achieve what we want. That is what keeps us going forward.There is a motive. What if we reach a point wherein all our wants and needs are achieved. what next??Do we have any plan?? How do we move forward without a motive?

Can we meet????

I know the relationship is almost broken now. You feel that there is no meaning in meeting. Trust me, One glimpse at you,I forget all the issues and want to work it out. All I see is that i dont want to lose such a precious thing in my life. that’s the only reason I…


I don’t have a reason to leave you. You are not giving me any reason to stay either.

Break up.

The thing about breakup is, the person not only stops answering your calls/ texts, but there are so many questions that are left unanswered. And that is what hurts more than missing them. you start to doubt evey beautiful memories you had with them.

Is this the beginning of the end??

I know it is important to give each other space in a relationship. but, each time I give you space you seem to be completely blocking me out. its like I dont exist in your life at all. Space is not about blocking the other person completely, thats called ” break”. the fact that you…


Our story was like that as of waves and the sea shore, I was the shore that stood in a same place waiting, while you would just come and go. waves never stay you know.

Canopy of lies

Your lies were like the canopy blocking the sunlight. the truth never reached the ground.

Letter to my ex.

Our story was a complicated puzzle. I left in a hurry, gathering all the pieces I could, I sat in the corner, trying to fix it, somewhere in the bottom of my heart I knew that I wouldn’t be pleased with the solved puzzle I believed what I wanted to believe and not the reality….


She was a chirpy bird, He was a calm sea, He said he loved her when she chirped, so she kept on chirping , unknowingly hushing his rising waves. now he says, he lost his voice. Because she strangled him.


I realised the importance of selflove when i could no longer love myself with all these flaws , guilts and regrets. I chose not to consider this concept each time i ran to him loving him with evry bit of my injured heart who then bought me to edge where i no longer know what…

You belong with me

The only place you could forever and completely be mine is in my poems. Cuz here my love is not forbidden. I need not fear of losing you. i need not share you with anyone. Here i can hold you in my arms, each time i hold the book against my chest. My lips can…


When I raised an eyebrow at you,being caught stealing glances at me,I should have know that a disaster was raised as well.Our paths were different,My journey was fixed elsewhere,Yet I turned back unintentionally,Giving Sign that could take us no where,You were just nobody to me,Yet that didn’t stop me from walking towards you.Everything was up…

“You are the one”

Sometimes we rush from one relationship to another just because we are scared of being alone.We are obsessed with the idea of being with someone special. Just because we are single doesn’t mean that we are lonely.This is what most of us fail to understand.When your heart is hurt,give it some time to heal it.We…

Stealing flowers from the neighborhood

I laughed, as he struggled to pronounce the word “Rhododendron”. We sat there for hours, without speaking. I was looking at those beautiful blooms, while he was stealing glances at me, Each adoring the beauty, But of our dearest things. I walked up to the tree, as i was trying to reach the flowers, he…