Way out

I chose a road which i thought would lead me away from you,
yet am unknowingly in search of you
unknowingly hoping it would lead me to you.
All the destinations away from you seems a dead end.
A place where i can’t find my way out.

Hey guys.

Am out here to share a small ..umm….what i may call it as a little advice as well my experience.I just graduated.Basically i could not find a job and am on a long vacation until i find one.I spent my first initial days doing nothing and am still not doing anything productive.And i realised that doing “nothing” can be dangerous.

Empty vessels do make noise .

They say that empty vessels make noise and so does the mind which is idle.Empty mind could be as dangerous as depression.When a room is kept shut and empty for a long period of time,it gets filled with dust and cobwebs.Mind is just similar when no work is given to it.Empty mind leads to overthinking,creating scenarios,imagining things which does no good.It just makes you weak and stressed you out.Giving work to your brain is like exercise.Indulge in activities that relaxes you and pleases your mind such as Painting,singing, reading ,travelling and lot more.When your mind is healty,you are healthy.Staying in bed and watching Netflix all day is not an exercise to you brain.Do something that actually gives you happiness.which makes you smile and pleases your mind and soul.

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